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Cheryl is the heartbeat of We Can Change Our World. Her work in the sustainability media field over the past couple of years, and her passion and dedication for this field has brought about this project. Cheryl has worked in sales and marketing most of her life, selling everything from pool cleaner from the boot of her car, to advertising at leading South African media titles. In 2001 she launched her brainchild, South Africa's first online FMCG portal, right in the middle of the dotcom bust and boom times.

“We learnt alot from those days of internet cowboys!” says Cheryl.

Cheryl is a consumate networker and has a network among the Social Development sector  and sustainable agencies second to none. She positively touches the lives of everyone she meets in some way or another and often has someone in need sleeping on her couch - human or animal! Her core values are trust, happiness, friends, animals  ...

We welcome contact with all stakeholder groups with an interest in "We Can Change Our World". 

If you would like to participate in our portal space, please make contact with Cheryl Harper
Tel / Cell No. :   082 - 465 7983            e-mail  :   































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