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How a visual display can get your argument across

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It's a truism that you can only create change in the world by changing the mind of one person at a time.

Change happens when information is effectively transmitted, and enough people are galvanized by this information to take effective action.

In other words, to change the world through democratic transformation we have to change hearts and minds and to do this it's vital that we get our argument across. If our argument is valid then the best way to do this is to present the facts of the case clearly and succinctly, along with our interpretation of what this means, why it matters, and the best way forward.

There are various ways to do this, and most of us probably think of words as the main tool for getting our points across, whether those words are written down or deployed verbally. However, a visual display, whether it's in the form of pictures, video, infographics or physical props, can be just as effective, and sometimes more so.

The power of images

Visual learning is now one of the most widely used techniques in our schools and colleges, and that's because it's very effective. Although some people are more naturally visual learners than others, a striking image, a chart, a graph or an infographic is generally effective across the board if used correctly. That's because an image conveys information directly to the brain in a fraction of the time it takes us to process and understand the meaning of words.

When we combine words and images the visuals support the text, giving the reader/viewer an instinctive as well as a rational understanding of the point you're getting across. Pictures, especially photographs, communicate on an emotional level as well as an intellectual one, and this can be enormously effective.

Telling a story

Using a video maker download it's easy to add narrative storytelling which further engages our brains, emotions and imagination. We remember stories far easier than dry facts, and because stories make sense to us we believe them on a deeper level than we do mere statistics. Add this to the power of visuals and you have one of the most convincing tools for getting your argument across to your audience.

Universal communication

An image on its own crosses language barriers and to some extent also transcends cultural differences. A photograph or short film can convey the reality of a situation in a way that abstract arguments cannot. Similarly, a flow chart or infographic can demonstrate processes and relationships far better than trying to explain them in words. Often the listener is trying to turn your words into pictures in their own mind in order to understand them, so why not show them pictures in the first place?

Whether you're giving a talk, putting together a pamphlet or creating a blog or website post, a visual display communicates information rapidly and clearly to people of all backgrounds. Show, don't tell, and remember that seeing is believing. Visual displays are one of the most powerful tools at our disposal for ensuring an argument can be clearly understood.

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