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Putting People First - April 2018

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Capacity building workshops to empower NPO leaders – December 2017/March 2018

People First Foundation, in partnership with the Master Fundraising Mentoring Forum, hosted a series of capacity building workshops between December 2017 and March 2018. These workshops focused on the empowerment of NPO leaders in various departments of NPO management such as fundraising, labour legal compliance, how to build an NPO from scratch, developing an NPO funding strategy, how to manage funding gaps, partnership and client relationship building. Various facilitators offered their expertise and time voluntary in the service of the NPO leaders.



NPO Empowerment Week in Cape Town – November 2017

People First Foundation in partnership with the Whalemark Museum in Parow, Cape Town, hosted a NPO Empowerment Week in November 2017. Various facilitators shared their skills and expertise with participants from a cross section of the sector. These included Frank Julie, chair of PFF, Prof Eric Atmore, director at the Centre for Early Childhood Development, Abdul Ryklief from DSD, Lorenzo Davids, director of Community Chest and Cheryl-Lynn Roziers, accountant and director of Choose Life Businesses. Workshops focused on fundraising strategies for struggling NPOs, financial management, legal compliance, board development, professional networking, income generating strategies, 23 sins of management and building an endowment fund.

Another funding opportunity for NPOs working with women and young girls

The Hilden Charitable Fund (UK) (You can apply anytime)
The Fund wrote:
“Applicants please note we will only consider applications from:
- a history of working overseas for at least 5 years
- have an income of over £100,000 in their last two financial years, but not more than £500,000
- if they are working with partners overseas (ie funding their partners) they should show that their partners have been in existence for at least 3 years and have an income of over £10,000
- a history of working for at least 5 years
- have an income of over £25,000 in their last 2 financial years, but no more than £100,000”
Find online application here: www.hildencharitablefund.org.uk

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