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SA FILM Academy pilot training programme for theDepartment of Correctional Services in South Africa

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Offenders and Ex-offenders rehabilitation | Author: News Desk | Posted: 2018/09/25 | Views: 1325
the SA FILM Academy aim to make a significant contribution with this skills development and training pilot programme for Correctional Services in SA.

The biggest challenge for offenders, once they complete their prison term and re-enter society is to participate meaningfully and productively in sustained, legitimate economic activity to earn a living and support their families. The academic entry level for film and TV production is historically low and success relies primarily on raw talent, creativity, passion, application, persistence and rigorous self-discipline. This provides a unique opportunity for offenders and parolees to be reintegrated into society and the economy through this sector.

The FILM training programme is a Life, Occupational & Entrepreneurial Skills Development programme for offenders and personnel in an accredited, structured learning process and will deliver knowledge and expertise in FILM, ELECTRONIC AND DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION through experiential ‘Learning-by-Doing’ on local and international film and television series and in production companies with a view to becoming crew and management.

The non-profit programme is a fully accredited MICT SETA Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) & Training Provider in Film, Electronic & Digital Media. Via the SA FILM Academy Content Generation Incubation Hub, we engage in the conceptualisation and origination of South African Narrative Content, teaching Creative Script-Writing, Production and ‘On-Camera’ Performance Skills to help develop diverse, fully representative, internationally competitive, South African crews, management and emerging media entrepreneurs.

In the wake of the rehabilitation of former inmates and their social integration & gainful economic employment in the film industry, together with the National Council for Correctional Services (NCCS) the FILM 4 Offenders pilot programme aims to help equip pre-selected juveniles while they are incarcerated as well as parolees, to seek and pursue sustainable employment and career opportunities in film and electronic media, by acquiring cross-sector skills, in a wide range of film, electronic & digital media occupations, once they leave Correctional Service Centres.

As relationship facilitator, with more than 30 years’ experience in front and behind the camera, Dorette Potgieter and the SA FILM Academy aim to make a significant contribution with this skills development and training pilot programme at Pollsmoor for Correctional Services in South Africa, together with assisting in the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society and the economy.

Contact Dorette Potgieter +27 83 227 2905 / dorette@filmsa.co.za

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