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National campaign to create awareness of reckless and negligent driving

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Young people launch shock campaign to highlight the consequences of irresponsible driving during the holiday season.

Every year the carnage on South Africa’s roads during the holiday season leaves thousands of families without loved ones and breadwinners, and maims and cripples many whose lives and futures are damaged for ever.

In a national campaign to create awareness of the devastating consequences of reckless and negligent driving, members of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’s Youth Power Group took to the streets in major centres, bandaged, on crutches and made up to look as if they were bleeding and bruised to demonstrate how innocent lives are affected by irresponsible drivers who speed, disobey traffic rules and drive while drunk.

The “walking wounded” carried banners displaying thought provoking messages including: You can’t get home unless you’re alive; Stay alive, don’t drink and drive; Slow has four letters, so does life; Is someone’s life worth a glass of beer?; Drinking while driving – kill that idea and Drive as if every child on the street is your own.

This silent, yet powerful campaign, attracted the attention of motorists and pedestrians who were shocked by the visual impact of young people who were posing as victims of the bloodshed which occurs on South Africa’s roads, saying it was more meaningful to see this group of young people rather than reading about impersonal statistics. The message calling for responsible and careful driving hit home effectively.

The Metro Police stopped to thank the organisers and members of the Youth Power Group for taking the initiative and encouraged them to repeat the protest during the next few months.

The Youth Power Group is the Universal Church’s youth group which offers spiritual instruction, life-lessons and mentoring to young people, teaching them to make wise choices for their future.

For further information, please contact the church’s public relations office on pr@uckg.org.za.

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