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If there were words that could describe the hardship within the communities where we are committed to support our families and our children, we would.

If we were Harry Potter, we would use our wand to bring peace, joy and happiness to children – to remove hardship, fear and tears. Fact is, we lack words and we are not Harry Potter. However, what we at Child Welfare Stellenbosch have – is a sincerity to bring change in the lives of so many children. Children caught in severe poverty.

For the last two years Child Welfare Stellenbosch has been confronted with the biggest form of social injustice against children -  denied the right to a birth certificate. We have been confronted by 144 such identified children. More shocking was the fact that those identified children have not been enrolled at any educational facility ever. Families cannot access social grants, thus contributing to the poverty level of the child. 

To assist the children, we started a home schooling program without any financial support. We have to do it as those children was not enrolled in mainstream education due to the fact that they have not been registered.  We found ourselves in a situation where more and more parents approach us for assistance.

Not all children are in the fortunate situation that they have caring or responsible parents or carers.  The majority of our children find themselves in such adverse situation that it is not in the interest of the child to be in the care of the parent or carer.  However, as we believe in the strengthening of families and believe in the potential of all people, Child Welfare Stellenbosch explore every possible avenue to prevent removal of children; as breaking up already fragile family systems is surely not always beneficial towards the psychological and emotional well-being of the child.

We took this situation of these children extremely serious, and realised that although the asset base of the children is non-existed, we just have to find alternative to statutory intervention.  We connected with a rural community who faced closure of their school and hostel due to dwindled numbers of children from the feeding community.  We saw this as the alternative we were looking for and are convinced that this is in fact the best alternative for our children.  We  strive to prevent children from becoming of the statistics of children in statutory care and almost being punished for the wrong of their parents.  We also believe in the goodwill of people and we believe that this is the opportunity for our children to receive the educational attention they need in order to develop intellectually.  We believe that the community and the teachers do have the heart to bring real change in the lives of our children.

Unfortunately, the confirmation to accept our children, became very late due to the normal red-tape.  The host community will provide all expenses pertaining to boarding school; school fees; sweater as well as transport to and from Stellenbosch. 

Child Welfare Stellenbosch must supply:

A pair of school uniform (2);
School shoes;
PT clothes;
Number of children: 32
Cost per child: R1000 – R1500.00
Please support us to support our kids –we – you and I owe it to them.
Help us to provide to them; to restore their dignity; to give them a chance in life.
Let us be their parent’s conscious, without being judgemental.
If you can contribute, please do. 


Kindly state the amount in the comments column.
Provide your details (to provide you with a receipt) either through
Messenger:  send message to Bettie Nieuwoudt from any of the facebook pages.
Email to: childcare@mweb.co.za

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