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Woolworths & MySchool launch Water Fund for schools - the LOVEH2O WATER FUND.

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In response to the National Government’s declaration that the drought in South Africa is a national disaster, Woolworths has announced a R1.5 million investment in water infrastructure for schools, and the launch of an ongoing MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fund, the LOVEH2O WATER FUND.

Many schools across the country are adversely affected by poor access to water and frequent water cuts.  Due to hygiene issues, schools close during water cuts, repeatedly disrupting the education of scores of South African learners.  Over the past three years, the country has been locked in the worst drought in its history, with the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape bearing the brunt.  Woolworths’ R1.5 million starter funding of the LOVEH2O WATER FUND will be committed to installing water tanks for rainwater harvesting and storage at schools in these provinces.

The LOVEH2O WATER FUND will enable consumers, who are MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporters concerned about water conservation and education, to be part of an initiative that improves water security in drought-stricken and under-resourced communities.

“This investment and the launch of the LOVEH2O WATER FUND aims to make a sustainable difference to schools in their water-saving efforts so that they are empowered to become water secure through national disasters like the one we are currently facing,” says Feroz Koor, Woolworths Holdings Group Head of Sustainability.  “Responsible water use is a core focus of our Good Business Journey, and we’ve also made water conservation and water education a priority in school communities. We have over the past years, donated and installed more than 100 water tanks at needy schools across the country. Water is also a key focus of the Woolworths Education Programme, which over the last four years has presented over 4 500 water conservation lessons reaching more than 190 000 learners and 1 559 educators in 410 Primary schools across the country.  We are also a long-term partner of Food & Trees for Africa’s flagship EduPlant programme which teaches schools various techniques to harvest and use water efficiently to grow flourishing food gardens.”

Rainwater harvesting from roofs is a highly effective strategy for improved water management and reducing pressure on municipal water supplies.  The water can be safely used for washing hands and flushing toilets, which are the two main reasons that schools close and send children home when there are water cuts.  In addition, this supply of rainwater can be used to irrigate food gardens so that, even in times of drought, schools can still produce vegetables and fruit to supplement their feeding schemes with fresh, healthy foods.

Water-wise South Africans can join Woolworths by signing up for the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Programme and nominating the LOVEH2O WATER FUND as one of their three beneficiaries.  Every time a supporter shops at Woolworths or other partner retailers, they have their free card swiped at till points or online checkouts and a percentage is donated to the LOVEH2O WATER FUND by the retailer, at no cost to the customer.  In this way, the LOVEH2O WATER FUND aims to raise ongoing funds so that more and more South African schools have a sustainable source of water thanks to the installation of water-saving and water-harvesting infrastructure such as rain water tanks.

To be part of what matters to you most, visit www.myschool.co.za and sign up for free as a supporter or download the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet App and get started immediately.  You can nominate the LOVEH2O WATER FUND and another two schools, charities or conservation causes as your beneficiaries.  Every time your card is swiped at a point of purchase in a Woolworths store or at any other partner store, the participating retailer makes a contribution to your beneficiaries at no cost to you. 

CAPTION: Little Flower Primary School in Mosel, Uitenhage near Port Elizabeth is one of over a 100 schools that have already received much needed water tanks donated by Woolworths to assist them in becoming water secure.

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