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The South African government has committed to ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 34% by 2020 and 42% by 2025.  The carbon tax will help them meet these reduction targets and is currently scheduled to come into effect from January 2019.

South Africa’s youth unemployment problem has consistently been ranked as one of the worst in the world.* As we observe World Youth Skills Day on 13 July 2018, it is difficult to overlook the fact that 64% of our young people are currently unemployed. This shocking statistic can be attributed to a wide range of socio-economic factors such as poor levels of education and lack of mobility.

50% of edible agricultural production is wasted due to specification requirements, cold-chain and processing inadequacies as well as access to markets. This nutritious food goes to waste while 14 million South Africans go hungry every day. FoodForward SA is launching Second Harvest, a programme that sources and collects surplus fruit and vegetables directly from commercial farmers across South Africa.

Companies Making a Difference
Female learners at Zinqobele Secondary School in Empangeni, Durban were thrilled to receive a visit from Clicks senior management.

In celebration of what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, with the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Better SA partnership.

The SAB Foundation is committed to making a substantial contribution towards South Africa’s national agenda

This was a substantial increase on the 2017 campaign – at the end of which, a total of R243 937 was raised

The Engen handover of beds and mattresses on 8 June, totalling R250 000, will get the children off the floor.

Nazareth House Cape Town  -  Mandela Day 2018

We would like give a massive shout-out and thank you to everyone that came out on Mandela Day to help out and make a difference.

 We would like to give a special thank you to the following companies and individuals:     view...


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- For Babies, Moms & Everyone Else

Whether or not we are part of the 68%, all of us are part of The 68% Project.

visit the centre free of charge on Sunday 29 July, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August in celebration of National Science Week (NSW) 2018.

MandelVolunteers commemorated Mandela Day, each person works to do good

Home-grown education innovation among international prize winners on Mandela Day

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NAOMI STEMMET : “Community Developer”   

Jesmina (Naomi) STEMMET born and raised in the notorious gang land Hanover Park and it is with this passion, drive and full understanding of what it entails to be a young person growing up in a disadvantaged district like Hanover Park, that she has found the strength to pursue such a huge noble cause. Following the call of her heart “Community Developer”.   Read more ....








Zerho Waterless Toilet :
Waterless sanitation - the provision of a safe, sealed and cost-effective waterless toilet.   ... read more




The Impact of Corporate Investment

This Video shows the impact of Corporate Investment in the Social Sector. By Investing in Organizations such as ours, we can begin to change our community and our world!!



Quote of the day

The metaphor is probably the most fertile power possessed by man.

Jose Ortega y Gasset

 Quote :
“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones”
— Nelson Mandela



Support Afri-CAN Children's Charity and our effort to support the growth of Early Childhood Development Centers and their ability to help the children of Sub-Sahran Africa be prepared for school.       see our presentation ....




Foundations for Life is a multi-disciplinary family Centre which includes a private practice and our recently established NPO, the Social and Emotional Learning Centre. Our therapeutic work at the Centre focuses on children, adolescents, young adults, their families and schools to promote mental, emotional and physical well-being....    
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