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PEDI is a not-for-profit company that works to promote economic growth and development in the Philippi Industrial area and the Philippi Horticultural Area. PEDI’s mission is to transform the area into a thriving urban hub where businesses choose to invest and grow, and where people choose to live, work and play.

Working with project developers and service providers, PEDI is driving the dialogue between all parts of the community, creating partnerships and formulating strategies to pull Philippi out of the rut it slipped into over decades of neglect. PEDI believes Philippi can be a shining example of how disadvantaged communities in South Africa can become thriving economic hubs.

PEDI’s role in Philippi puts it in a position to promote and facilitate acceleration of economic growth. Over a billion rands worth of projects are now in process and this will see opportunities to rebuild and grow Philippi. These projects will see significant job creation, which will drive social development, education and safety. By actively building a knowledge base through commissioned research, PEDI has become a key player in shaping a collective vision for the future of the area. Investors and community leaders have agreed that a holistic approach to the redevelopment of Philippi is needed.

PEDI recognises that certain catalysts can fundamentally alter the future for economically disadvantaged areas. Here at PEDI we are making it our business to find the right ones, and to link entities who are keen to work together to have even greater impact than they can alone.

In addition to our role as a facilitator of development, we have recently identified specific job-creation projects we believe will create sustainable change in the area. We are partnering in these, both through direct investment and through fund-raising to take them to scale.


























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