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Prochorus Community Development exists for the promoting of social development and advancement on both community and individual level.

Our primary focus is to redress the social imbalances in society and secondly to meet the needs and concerns of the local community.

Prochorus Community Developments is committed to the development of all communities with respect to their diverse specific needs. Advantaged communities are targeted for the purpose of mobilising and advancing their philanthropic capacity. Ongoing awareness is established to bring an understanding of their interdependence relative to disadvantaged communities.


We serve disadvantaged communities according to the guidelines of need-assessment studies, and the accessibility of resources.
Our focus is directed towards Early Childhood Development, Youth Development, Skills Development and Community Welfare.

Prochorus aims toward making a lasting difference in the lives of the people of the communities of South Africa. We do this by contributing towards the education of children and adults, assisting them in acquiring skills that will allow them to become financially independent and teaching them how to protect themselves against addiction, physical abuse and other criminal offenses.

Our four main focus areas are: 

  • Early Childhood Development:
    We believe that improved Early Childhood Development is the first and most important step towards the social development and advancement of any community. Equipping children at an ECD level allows for children to enter formal schooling having developed the necessary cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills.
  • Community Welfare:
    Broken communities require immediate actions that can alleviate the immediate stresses of poverty while implementing a sustainable and lasting solution. A two prong approach allows us to meet an immediate need, as well as empower communities to create sustainability.
  • Youth Development:
    Building up the youth is another important action of uplifting communities, as the future of communities largely lie in the empowering of the youth. Many of the youth in the communities in which we work have not had examples, or have had to assume responsibility of their households. Our projects focus on mentoring and coaching, by providing life skills and support to the youth.
  • Skills Development:
    In line with our aim to empower communities, we believe in developing the skills of the people in the communities we hope to impact. We provide a hand up, not a hand out. By developing skills we also touch on readdressing social imbalances by treating the cause and not only the symptoms.



























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