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SOS is a joint initiative of Remgro and the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust.


SOS was created to assist selected community organisations and aims to strengthen and build the managerial capacity of social organisations through a variety of interventions such as courses, seminars and corporate volunteering, thus enabling them to concentrate on their core function; to help those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Specific knowledge gaps of organisations joining the project are highlighted by an in-depth due diligence at the start of a two year journey with SOS.


International research shows that community organisations often lack capacity in areas such as financial management, reporting and monitoring of projects.

Many of these community organisations also lack sufficient funding. Without dynamic websites and other marketing tools and when their financial administration and support functions are not on sustainable levels, such organisations find it increasingly difficult to raise funds from large donors.

Area of Coverage

By strengthening specific community organisations, SOS also hopes to strengthen civil society, democracy and human rights.

The project initially focused on organisations in the greater Stellenbosch area – there are more than 100 community organisations in this area – but aims to expand its footprint.  Social organisations do commendable work on a wide range of causes.

Most will benefit with help to prepare financial statements, business plans and marketing and fundraising campaigns. Often, the primary aid or development done by these organisations take up so much of their time that little is left for monitoring their effectiveness.
































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