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Fry’s at the Reforest Fest

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“Eating meat is the leading cause of deforestation. That’s why we’re proud to be partners with Greenpop – planting trees in the Earth plants a seed in people, and proves to people that by making a small change in your life you can make a positive difference in the world.” - Brett Thompson, Fry’s Family Foods

Over the weekends of 10-12 and 16-18 May, Greenpop hosted two successive Reforest Fests, at which hundreds of volunteers came together to plant 10 002 trees (and had fun doing it)! All told, 622 people planted a total of 10 002 trees over both weekends, bringing the total number of trees planted at the Platbos Forest Reserve to date to 18 243 by Greenpop through the Reforest Fests.

At the Reforest Fest, Fry’s provided Greenpop with a tree-mendous selection of healthy, nutritious, and all-vegetarian strips and pies that kept hungry planters’ bellies full and ensured spirits and energy remained high throughout the difficult planting. Fry’s believes that this partnership represents the collaboration between like-minded environmental organisations that the world needs to become a greener and more sustainable place, and looks forward to working with Greenpop on future tree-planting projects.

The Forest:

Platbos is a unique combination of Afromontane forest, with Coastal Milkwood thicket forest species. The Afromontane trees include: white stinkwood (Celtis africana), wild peach (Kiggelaria africana), white pear (Apodytes dimidiata) and hard pears (Olinia ventosa). The Milkwood forest species include: milkwoods (Sideroxylon inerme), sea guarrie (Euclea racemosa) and pock ironwoods (Chionanthus foveolata) amongst others. There are 13 different forest tree species in total that make up the unique Platbos forest.

Less than 0.05% of the Western Cape is home to indigenous forest. In the past, Platbos extended over a much greater area but due to human interference (felling for agriculture and the later introduction of alien invasive tree species like rooi krans), the area of the forest was greatly reduced. The Platbos Forest Reserve covers 50 hectares in extent: in recognition of its unique and endangered status, Platbos has been awarded Contract Nature Reserve status with Cape Nature – a designation awarded to priority areas containing critically important habitats, which contain significant biodiversity value.

Platbos is an extremely unique forest and contributes enormously to conserving the last remnants of lowland forest in the Western Cape. Says Melissa Krige of the Platbos Forest Reserve, “People and forests share a common destiny – life as we know it depends on the continued existence of the world’s old-growth forests. All attempts to protect and rehabilitate them are therefore of paramount importance. We greatly value the annual GreenPop Reforest Fests at Platbos, not only because of the huge contribution they bring to our Reforestation Project at Platbos, but because through them so many more people, from all walks of life, young and old, can come to learn about Platbos and to experience its unique and wonderful character.”

More information:

Greenpop’s Website - www.greenpop.org

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