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Sometimes it’s the smallest deeds that can change a life

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Mvuyisi determined share his story and change the lives of young men and women

Mvuyisi Kilimani, more fondly known as Hani, is currently a student at Signa Academy studying Business. He has a passion for computers and wants to pass the skills he has learnt on to young boys in his community.

His drive to be a positive role model and to guide and develop youth in Khayelitsha is an even greater passion that keeps him motivated and determined.

Although he came from a very loving and supportive family, Mvuyisi was surrounded by ‘role models’ who gained ‘respect’ by living lives of crime and deceit and who controlled their communities, by instilling fear and trepidation. For Mvuyisi, it was like a movie.  That life was attractive and enticing – they wore the fancy clothes had the money and the smart cars.  They had the ‘good life’.

At the early age of only 12 years, Mvuyisi’s started losing interest in school and his interest in a life of crime increased.  He began using drugs and started robbing vulnerable and intoxicated people, then later began stealing from shops and local sellers to feed his growing habit.  His criminal activities escalated even further to hijackings; cash in transit heists and murder.

The ‘good life’ had turned out not to be that good; and Mvuyisi found himself in Pollsmoor and Drakenstein Prisons serving reduced sentences, a total of 5 years, at 3 different times in his life.  It was in prison that he was recruited and joined the 28’s gang.

Stabbed 8 times in a prison gang fight, 12 times in separate incident in the Eastern Cape and finally the casualty in a brutal mob justice attack his eye was gouged out and his face slashed badly, leaving him scarred for life. The scars all over his body are evidence that he should have been dead many times.

A turn around point came for Mvuyisi when Sibu, a former higher ranking official in the 28’s gang and a life transformed through Jesus Christ, met up with him.  The two started meeting regularly as Sibu started sharing Jesus Christ with him and started helping him on a road to change and healing.  Sibu introduced Mvuyisi to City Mission and Discovery Bible Studies, which has since changed his life.  He also introduced him to the Society for the Blind where he completed courses in computer, admin, public speaking and a business course.

The things that now entices and attracts Mvuyisi is the ‘God life’.  He is determined to serve God and to share his story and the consequences of his bad decisions to benefit and change the lives of young men and women in the very location he terrorised.  He and his new wife, Sindisiwe live in Khayelitsha and meet with a Discovery Bible Study group in his home.

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