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Our Social & Emotional Well-Being Drive for 2019 in schools in the Western Cape

The missing piece in the educational puzzle. Foundations for Life is challenging IQ to meet EQ within the school system. Social and emotional well-being is a process through which children and adults learn a specific set of social and emotional skills needed for success in school and life.

These skills are self-awareness , self-management, social-awareness, relationship-skills, goal-directed behaviour, personal-responsibility, decision-making and optimistic-thinking. We believe that improved relationships and communication skills positively impact the classroom environment.

Our programmes teach children and adults important skills to begin to understand and effectively manage the way they think, feel and behave. 

Short term benefits: increased self-esteem, compassion and empathy towards others, increased self-control, improved behaviour, reduced anxiety and emotional outbursts, positive attitude towards tasks and an overall increase in academic performance.

For more information please contact us: info@foundationsforlife.co.za / 021 761 8144


Social and Emotional Learning Centre

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Early Childhood Development (ECD)
We have kicked off our Social and Emotional Learning Programme with the principles of Early Childhood Development Centres in low-income areas.

These principals are part of the Grow with Educare Centres project, whereby the principals and teachers are thoroughly trained and provided with a full curriculum, operating system, teachers’ guides, daily programmes, educational materials, toys, equipment, posters, books, policies and procedures, business skills and mentorship (a ‘school in a box’).

The early years of childhood lay the foundation for intellect, personality and social behaviour as an adult. The Grow with Educare Centres have therefore implemented our SEL programme to equip the principals with the social and emotional skills to manage daily challenges and relationships within their school environment and in their personal lives more effectively as they are the role idles for the teachers and the children.

Over the next few months we will be teaching the 8 core competencies within our SEL model, using creative techniques and activities. We look forward to learning and growing together.

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