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Our Social & Emotional Well-Being Drive for 2019 in schools in the Western Cape

The missing piece in the educational puzzle. Foundations for Life is challenging IQ to meet EQ within the school system. Social and emotional well-being is a process through which children and adults learn a specific set of social and emotional skills needed for success in school and life.

These skills are self-awareness , self-management, social-awareness, relationship-skills, goal-directed behaviour, personal-responsibility, decision-making and optimistic-thinking. We believe that improved relationships and communication skills positively impact the classroom environment.

Our programmes teach children and adults important skills to begin to understand and effectively manage the way they think, feel and behave. 

Short term benefits: increased self-esteem, compassion and empathy towards others, increased self-control, improved behaviour, reduced anxiety and emotional outbursts, positive attitude towards tasks and an overall increase in academic performance.

For more information please contact us: info@foundationsforlife.co.za / 021 761 8144


Social & Emotional Skills Group : Teenage Girls & Boys (13-16 yrs)

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This group is designed to use simple techniques and ideas to encourage self-discovery.

This group is designed to use simple techniques and ideas to encourage self-discovery to help teenagers develop authentic and meaningful connections within themselves and their interpersonal relationships with peers and adults.

Social and Emotional Skills Group for Teenage girls and boys (13-16 yrs)

These skills help teenagers navigate their emotional and psychological worlds more effectively and lead to better-balanced individuals and ultimately adults. Through mindful activities, role-playing, breathing techniques, sensory awareness, guided visualisations and art they will learn to identify, understand and regulate their feelings and emotions through the skills learnt. All of the above happens within a safe, non-judgemental and intimate group setting.

Competencies taught :

Self-awareness  / Self-Regulation / Social-awareness  Relationship Skills / Personal responsibility / Goal directed behaviour / Responsible decision making / Optimistic thinking.

BOOKINGS : Contact
021 761 8144

9.30 –11.30


Saturday 28 JULY 2018

Saturday 04 AUGUST 2018

Saturday 11 AUGUST 2018

Saturday 18 AUGUST 2018

Foundations for Life, 2 Hemyock Road, Plumstead

R1600 per child



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