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Community Chest: Building Dreams to Combat Tragedy.

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The tragedy of losing her father four years ago due to gang warfare cross fires while taking staff home in a company vehicle did not deter young Zeta

Upon hearing of Zeta’s plight, Community Chest Programme Manager Joan Daries contacted the school and family and got to know the circumstances intimately. Community Chest decided to sponsor a part of the cost of making this young woman’s life a little better after her painful tragedy.

The Monument High School’s Parkie Choir renders award winning performances that has achieved several gold medals in the Tygerberg and Stellenbosch International Eisteddfods.The tour took place in July this year and during that time the young musicians participated in a programme organised by the Llangollen Eisteddfod in Wales, along with other school choirs.They also had the opportunity to sing with the world renowned Welsh Men’s Choir.

Zeta has big dreams of becoming a professional musician and believes that the discipline she has learnt in the choir has helped her academically and given her a “family” of friends that she can turn to when she needs support and encouragement. She has great admiration for her music teacher who has done so much with the choir and has been a wonderful mentor to her and other choir members.

She is over the moon that Community Chest has enabled her to be part of this life-changing experience.  Zeta joined the school choir when it was started just over two years ago. She sings 2nd soprano and performs solo parts in the larger choir and chamber ensemble. Zeta’s mother Christine also expressed her gratitude to Community Chest for the support of her daughter’s dreams. She is a single parent and would have been unable to cover the costs of this trip. 


In her personal life, Zeta is a committed volunteer serving her community in many different ways. She befriends and serves people who are homeless and is seen as a friend to many people in the community that have fallen on hard times.

Lastly, Zeta says: “Thank you abundantly”, to Community Chest for making this special dream come true.


When we make other people's world's a little brighter, we make the whole world a better place.


Community Chest allocates funding on behalf of donors to create maximum impact. If you would like Community Chest to manage your charitable distributions to good causes, please contact Desire Goliath on desire@comchest.org.za or 021 487 1500.



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