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A sense of belonging for children with learning disabilities at the Mary Harding School.

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Community Chest and the Mary Harding School partnered in 2016 and since then, Community Chest has invested over R120 000 towards the school’s programm

The Community Chest envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through access to world class education, having income stability and by living healthy lives. In this week’s Newsletter we feature one of our beneficiary organisations whose work in the community reflects Community Chest's vision considerably.

Learning disabilities come in a variety of forms and affect people and children in many different ways. Children with a learning disability may struggle in all areas of school, home and society and they may have difficulty maintaining friendships, relationships or employment.

The Mary Harding School was established in 1980 and envisioned a world where children with disabilities are enabled and live in an empowering environment because parents are supported and teachers are sufficiently skilled and equipped to prepare children for independent living.

Community Chest and the Mary Harding School partnered in 2016 and since then, Community Chest has invested over R120 000 towards the school’s programmes. The school successfully straddles three of the Community Chest’s four core services – education, health and community development – in their service to children with disabilities, their families and the community. The contribution has helped to enhance their offerings of sport, music, arts and craft, socialisation and nutrition as part of their comprehensive curriculum.

The children are empowered to be able to live independently of their parents and caregivers, they are able to communicate well and express themselves, they receive occupational therapy on a regular basis and they are incredibly receptive to mobile applications and as part of the school's curriculum expansion project, the school plans to introduce web based programmes to empower the children for careers in the digital environment.

Thanks to institutions like the Mary Harding School, the Community Chest for the support as well as the provision of multiple opportunities, children with disabilities can excel across numerous fields.

“Community Chest has really helped us upgrade and maintain our school’s standard of education, we are grateful for the funding and looking forward to a long and meaningful collaboration", says Headmaster Mr Adriaan Gradwell.  
For more information on the Mary Harding School, please visit their website, http://www.maryharding.co.za/default.html or call Liezl Brow on 021 839 1397.

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