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About Us

The Mission and Vision of The South African Red Cross Society is to render services to prevent and alleviate human suffering, to foster human dignity in all communities by addressing the basic needs of our communities.

SARCS, is a vitally important partner in this country’s health and welfare network, its principle concerns are to encourage and promote the improvement of health, the prevention of disease and the alleviation of suffering and poverty in our communities.

The Vision of SARCS is to be a democratic service organization that is effective, high profile, dynamic and sensitive to the needs of all communities. Enabling communities to be self-efficient, productive, proactive members in their own well-being and health.

Our Objectives

To educate members of the communities in

  • Health and Care
  • Disaster Management
  • Humanitarian Values
  • Organizational Development

Health and Care department are responsible for:

Community home based care, HIV & AIDS projects, Chronic diseases, Primary health care, Youth peer education, Youth development, Young Women in Development, Training of First aid and Community home based care

Disaster management are responsible for:

Disaster preparedness, Community risk assessment, Training, Disaster response, Emergency medical care, Relief and aid, Tracing and Reuniting families.


























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