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Our Projects

Our current projects in communities are:

Nutrition Project: This project is managed at various clinics, where we not only feed HIV/TB patients, however anyone who is at the local clinic for any ailments. This project is aimed at reducing the default rates and to support beneficiaries.


Gogo Clubs: The project is aimed at the elderly in communities, giving them a support base, especially those raising grandchildren either affected or infected by HIV/Aids and in the outlined communities where services are marginalized. The Gogos are trained in gardening, sewing, beading, each sustainable as income generating projects. The garden project also assists with the feeding project at the facility every day of all elderly and our ECD school in Nyanga.

Sinobomi ECD and Aftercare:  The ECD caters for 30 Orphaned children, whose ages range from 8months to 5. Children are given all the necessary tools to prepare them for their first year of schooling, whilst the other little ones are kept safe, taught various skills required within their age groups. The children are fed 3 meals per day. The aftercare program, for school children, starts from 3pm Monday to Friday, children are assisted with their schoolwork, fed a cooked meal, given extra cirricular training in either dancing, sports or their preferred interest. The aftercare program also serves the children during school holidays and starts from 8 until 4 every day during the holidays.
Streets Project: The project is aimed at assisting street dwellers, rehabilitation or integrating people who have lost their way back into society, helping them with basic needs, counselling and assisting in their education, where they request. This project has had such an enormous impact on not only our lives, it has given way to other projects.

Peer/Youth Education: Peer education projects in schools, colleges and in social groups where teenagers and young adults are targeted.

Aimed at the vulnerable youth in communities, help is offered in the form of peer support groups, counselling, assistance with education, where required.

The project gives school children the option of volunteering as peer educators themselves, helping in their own communities and schools. This project forms part of our service to build responsible adults for the future. They are trained in first aid, disaster management, safer access, as an entry point to become trained youth volunteers.
The above are some of our projects that we offer to assist communities to become resilient, effective with our motto … each one, help one.



























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