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Success Stories

A project is only as good as the outcome that it has on the life/lives of a person or the community.  The Streets Project, holds a very special place in my heart, not because of what we do to assist, however to see that person blossom, grow and see how what they accomplish with just a little help and humility. Meet Jacob. Jacob was homeless, living in Wynberg park or under the bridge. I had the opportunity to meet Jacob, work with him, assisted him in making slight changes in his life. Today, Jacob lives in a facility for men, has completed various skills courses. Jacob now earns a living as a landscaper. I feel like a proud mom some days when I see him.



The South African Red Cross Society offers the following training and services:

Accreditation as a skills development provider

  • Ancilliary Health Care NQF level 1
  • Community Health Work NQF level 2
  • Community Health Work NQF level 4
  • General Counselling NQF level 4
  • Public Awareness and Promotion of Dread Diseases and HIV/AIDS NQF level 4
  • Promotion of Primary Healthcare NQF level 4
  • First Aid NQF level 1

Certificate of Attendance training:

  • Basic First Aid  level 1, 2, 3
  • Home Based Care level 1, 2, 3
  • HIV Testing and Counselling
  • Disaster Management & OHS
  • Pshyco Social Support
  • Staff Development



The South African Red Cross Society is 100% reliable on donations and fundraising for all its projects Each Province is responsible for its own funding needs and donors. Fundraising is a continuous effort in every department of the South African Red Cross Society, Western Cape, it enables us to start new projects and ensure that current projects are sustainable.


SA Red Cross Society (W/Cape)

Account No: 071763902

Account : Business Current Account

Branch: Constantia

Branch Code: 025309





  •     Buy a blanket for a disaster victim.
  •     Buy a first aid kit that can save a life in an emergency.
  •     Buy food parcels to support child headed households.
  •     Train members of the public in life-saving first aid skills.
  •     Train and equip volunteers that provide practical and emotional























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