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In South Africa, 7 million people are unable to feed themselves daily

Children do not receive consistent, nutritious meals

Many organizations struggle to operate and afford feeding programs

What needed to be done to solve this issue ? Two gentlemen were brought together in an unplanned meeting that ignited a mutual dream, which is becoming a reality through the 2nd Harvest Non-Profit Company. 

Mark Maingard was “called” to feed the hungry and Marais Greyling, to train disadvantaged Youth in Hospitality. This was not by chance. It was anintervention and plan that was inevitable. Their journey began on 29 May 2016, starting with renovating and equipping aderelict facility in Paarl. On 29 July 2016, the first batch of 200 meals were delivered to Magda’s Soup Kitchen. On 1 September 2016, the facility was officially opened by the Honourable Mayor, Conrad Poole.2nd Harvest’s long term vision is to feed the hungry by providing at least 50 000 meals a day. 

“That is our dream, which is slowly becoming a reality, however we need the support and assistance from potential funders, corporates and individuals to help us achieve our goals” stated Mark.


  • To feed the hungry by supplying 2000 meals per day to communities
  • Empower the Youth within the Valley by: create a training platform in life skills, technical culinary arts, and hospitality that provides guidance, support and hope to Youth, equipping them with the skills necessary for employment at multiple facilities all over South Africa.

2nd Harvest (NPC) aims to support communities, ECD’s, NGO’s & existing soup kitchens with nutritionally balanced meals.

We aim to prepare & provide 2000 nutritional meals a day to communities in the Valley.

By end of 2017 we want to open more facilities and be the position to produce 50 000 meals per day all over South Africa.

How do we plan to achieve our Objectives / Vision ?

Our model utilizes commercial cooking technology and economy of scale to drive down cost and increase efficiency in food production of nutritionally balanced meals.

Current facility locations are operating in Paarl and George with plans to expand throughout South Africa.




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