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Poor nutrition perpetuates cycle of poverty and hunger:

  • Poor health
  • Lower levels of educational attainment
  • Reduced productivity and wages in adulthood

Our Model provides nutritional solutions at scale:

  • Beneficiaries receive consistent, safe, nutritionally balanced meals
  • Beneficiaries can maintain a healthy and active life year-round.
  • Beneficiaries receive access to education and training that could lead to future employment



“To empower & educate unemployed Youth with Skills, Work Ethics, Knowledge & Life Skills”

Our Youth in our communities need employment opportunities and they need to have the skills necessary to find them. Only by empowering our youth – by giving them the opportunity to work or to create their own jobs—will we help raise a skilled, confident & responsible generation, living to their fullest potential, who in return will give others the chance to grow.  

We provide quality skills-training in different areas of Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Food production, and Retail that will empower the youth to assure employment or to help them setup his/her own small business in the future. The following skills and job opportunities will be transferred :

  • Waitering skills
  • Barista, Butcher, Baker
  • Kitchen hand
  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Cashier
  • Stock controller
  • Receptionist
  • Housekeeping
  • Basic accounting
  • Work ethics
  • Purchasing
  • Day to Day management

We won't turn anyone away. If someone needs a skill/training and prepared to put in the effort and commit to the process, we will provide these skills, free of charge and assist our Youth in finding employment upon completion.































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