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The Capacity Way


Attracting a specific calibre of assignee is the Capacity way and a critical component of our business, given the need to provide human resource solutions to a wide range of clients.

Techniques and Processes
• Job Profiling: Jobs are profiled and specified according to requirements;
• Screening:
- Standard tools are utilised to screen in terms of meeting standard requirements;
- Job-specific tools are also available for specialist skills or exceptional client needs;
• Assessment: NQF Level 2 numeracy and literacy assessments are conducted, where relevant.


We focus on the effective development of our assignees before they take-up positions with our clients, preparing them for specific business environments.

General Induction
• Capacity Induction:
Provision of information regarding:
- Plant site safety;
- Rules and regulations;
- Disciplinary codes;
• Company-specific Induction:
Provision of information regarding:
- Industry standards, safety and quality;
- Sharing of focus areas, policies, procedures and the like;
Staff Development: Involvement with:
- SETA-backed learnership programmes, artisan qualification programmes and college and university training.


A key component in our ability to improve productivity and, in turn, create a business impact, is our capacity to retain the skills and experience of our assignees.

Improved Productivity and Business Impact
• Assignee Engagement:
Strategies are designed to retain assignee skills and experience;
• Initiatives include:
- Analysis of staff turn-over;
- Succession planning;
- Local recruitment;
- Assignee wellness, inclusive of optional benefits packages;
- Assignee assistance programme;
- Optional membership of a provident fund;
- Access to ADvantage paycards.


The success of our superior levels of service delivery to clients is reflected in our ability to effectively manage our promise to clients.

Delivering the Promise
• Managing Service Delivery:
Ensuring a focus on:
- Providing dedicated on-site management infrastructure, wherever possible;
- Ensuring managerial quality and competence, underpinned by progressive learning at operational and administrative levels;
- Aligning standard operating procedures to site-specific needs;
- Compiling comprehensive management information reports;
- Ensuring internal and external assessment of service delivery;
- Participating in production planning and operational meetings;
- Developing and implementing innovative management tools with regard to increasing efficiencies.










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