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Objective of Cape Town Society of the Blind (CTSB)

The main objective of the Society is to strive for an empowered blind and visually impaired population by focusing primarily on training, education and development as well as the facilitation of employment opportunities.
Cape Town Society for the Blind was established in 1929 with the original aim to create a workshop where blind and VIPs could be trained to manufacture hand-woven cane furniture and household items. These items were sold to the public to generate an income.
The Society offers blind and VIPs from the disadvantaged areas within the Cape Metropole the opportunity to uplift them through our entry-exit strategy which consists of various capacity building programmes.
As the majority of blind and VIPs are unemployed, the Society also supports learners with transport fees, a daily meal and refreshments as learners cannot concentrate on their studies when hungry.
A few years ago, it was decided to move away from the original “protective workshop” model.
Instead, we chose to
  • Move towards creating opportunities for personal growth as well as financial sustainability for these individuals via the “Small Business Units” concept.  
  • Every year, CTSB offers logistical support to 40 blind or VIPs operating from its premises as SBUs.  
  • The support varies from manufacturing of cane and wooden frames and bases, a variety of weaving methods and patterns, quality control as well as final fit and finish of products, to marketing and sales.











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