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Engaging the Community

We are dedicated to raising awareness and creating a spontaneous appreciation within the greater Western Cape community for the exceptional skills and value that Blind and vip’s are able to offer. We provide a modern, exciting and highly successful range of professional services, awareness programs and facilities to the community.


We are proud to state that CTSB has been granted Provisional Learning Programme approval from the MICT SETA. The programme applied for is the “National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing Full Qualification.” This is an NQF Level 03 certificate.

The Society’s capacity building programmes will be accredited and the learners are awarded credits for each programme completed. Learners will also have the option to only complete the programmes required and not the full accreditation.
Desired Outcomes
On completion of the accredited programmes, students are equipped with a set of skills and their self-esteem and confidence have increased. They are now able to pursue their desired career and granted the opportunity to volunteer at the Society to enhance their knowledge and to receive workplace experience thus increasing their opportunities for placement.
Course Breakdown
  • The Assessment stage, where a file is opened for each learner. If Social intervention is required, the Social Worker will assist blind and vip's.
  • Following on this, the students then proceed to the Life Skills programme which is compulsory.
  • On completion of the programme, a career path is set for the blind or vip's.
The Capacity building programmes are listed below:
  • Life Skills
  • Keyboard Orientation
  • Computer Literacy JAWS (Job Access with Speech)
  • Computer Literacy Zoom text
  • Office Administration
  • Public Speaking
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Cane Weaving
  • Advanced Cane Weaving


Awareness Programs

We are dedicated to raising awareness within the general public as to the treatment and integration of Blind and vip’s within all aspects of society. Our Awareness Programs cater for schools, private organisations and public events, as well as businesses that require disability sensitisation workshops.


School Tours

Our specialised school Awareness Programs can be held at the school itself, or on-site at our premises. Scholars are exposed to the tools and facilities that Blind and vip’s require in order to conduct their daily activities in work and at home.

These facilities and tools include the Media Centre and specialised accessibility programs used on computer, Braille, physical guidance through guide dogs and canes, how to interact with Blind and vip’s etc.

Our School Tours enable children to gain an appreciation of the abilities, lives and needs of Blind and vip’s










Job Placement
The Society places a strong focus on placement of blind and VIPs. Placement may vary from employment in the formal sector, enrolment to tertiary education, enrolment for Grade 12, learnership opportunities as well as the establishment of their own small businesses.
The placement assistance entails preparation of CVs and for the interviews it, arranging appointments for interviews, and providing transport to interview venues.
Once placed, there is a 3-6 months follow up process to ensure that the employee settle in successfully.
According to the South African Government, 25% of persons living with disabilities should be placed in formal employment by the end of 2012. The Society contributes towards this goal by up-skilling learners so that they can compete within the employment market. By doing so, CTSB is assisting government in achieving this goal.











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