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Your partnership with us to assist blind and vip's to become independently empowered and active citizens within their respective communities will make a life-changing impact on their lives.

Sustainability of project

The immense need for training as well as job opportunities among blind and vip's is overwhelming. They have a constant battle to prove themselves to society, especially in the workplace as they are still being victimised and segregated.  The majority of blind people will inform you that their general experience is one of “when you are blind, you are not capable of…” and CTSB is determined to break down this stigmatisation. Students feel respected and safe at CTSB, and by the time they leave, are well-equipped to withstand the challenges of life.

The success of this strategy is measured by the success rate of the students completing the programmes as well as the placement of students in the formal or   in formal work sector, at colleges or starting their own businesses. 

To enable us to continue providing the invaluable support services and development opportunities that we do to both Blind and vip’s, we rely on the generous support of our private, corporate and public donors and sponsors.

It is often impossible for both the Society and the individuals that we assist to express the depth of our gratitude for the support that we receive, but we wish to rather simply state that this support is greatly appreciated.

  • Sponsorship and Grants
  • Corporate Sponsorship of Projects or Individuals
  • Private Sponsorship of Projects or Individuals
  • Sponsorship of food
  • Sponsorship of amenities (furniture, computers, appliances etc.)
  • Sponsorship of assistive devices
  • Sponsorship of services
  • Government Grants


Should you wish to make a financial donation to the CTSB, we welcome cheques and bank deposits.

For a cheque donation - Please make your cheque payable to ‘Cape Town Society for the Blind’ and post to the following address :
P O Box 1081 - Woodstock  -  7915

Our banking details for a direct deposit are:
Bank                          First National Bank
Account                     Cape Town Society for the Blind
Branch / Code            Woodstock  / 20 19 09
Account No.               500 801 30640   

Capabilities of staff
SETA accredited training facilitators, of whom two are visually impaired.
  • One registered Social Worker responsible for assessments as well as assisting vip's with social interventions.
  • A graduated  community developer who is also the responsible Job Placement Officer, seeking employment as well as preparing blind and vip's for interviews and the follow up sessions thereafter.
  • Two Awareness Officers (vip's) who are responsible for promoting the training and services offered as well as educating the general public on how to effectively communicate with people who are blind.
  • The Head of the Training Department is responsible for the monitoring of the programme schedules as well as the general operations of the department.
  • The cost of the project is R457 438 for 120 students.
  • This cost excludes the staff expenses as this expense is partially funded by the Department of Social Development.
Monitoring and evaluation of project
A file is created for each student and progress reports are recorded therein. The Head of Department monitors the success rate as well as the evaluation forms completed by the students. An external moderator evaluates whether the testing of students is fairly administered.
Food Parcels
Food parcels which are sponsored to CTSB are packaged on our premises and distributed to the 
Society’s Small Business Units, as well as to the Atlantis and Helderberg Outreach Groups.
Should you be interested in sponsoring food items for this valuable support program, please email us at info@ctsb.org.za
Community Work
Volunteers and social workers from CTSB work throughout the year  within disadvantaged communities to create awareness within the general public regarding the treatment and integration of Blind and vip’s, as well as provide support and education to Blind and vip’s within these disadvantaged communities.
Planned Gifts
Should you wish to support the society in the future through a bequest or charitable trust, please contact Charlene van Niekerk at charlene@ctsb.org.za or telephonically on 021 448 4302.
Online Shopping
Support our online shop and purchase top quality products manufactured by our self employed Blind and vip’s.
Volunteer Services
Should you wish to volunteer your services to assist us in any way that you are able, we would look forward to hearing from you. Please contact Rene Homann at info@ctsb.org.za or telephonically on 021 448 4302.











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