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Our purpose is to make sense of the science that shapes our lives and trigger the spark that ignites young minds to want to study maths, science and technology and leads them to think of a career or life-long interest in these subjects.

The need to inspire our younger generations to change the world through science and engineering has never been stronger. 

Join us today and help to make the Cape Town Science Centre the place for people to be inspired to learn.

Inspire Me
You can be the spark that inspires a child to pursue a career in science. The Inspire Me programme aims to raise funds to support a less advantaged child's visit to the Cape Town Science Centre as part of a school or community group visit.


Community Days
The CTSC strives to be financially accessible to visitors from all communities, and although continuously finding ways to become more self-sustainable through various income-generating activities, is unable to offer free entry to visitors.

We are appealing to Cape Town businesses to show their support to Cape Town communities and science in South Africa by sponsoring a community day at the Cape Town Science Centre. On these days, a minimal entry fee of R5 would apply to all visitors. The CTSC has previously hosted Community Days sponsored by SAP Africa and Woolworths Financial Services.

The Community Days help ensure that all Cape Town’s communities will have the opportunity to explore the hands-on science that the Cape Town Science Centre has to offer.

Sponsored School or Charity Group Programme
We consider a visit to the Cape Town Science Centre an essential part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education environment, supporting classroom learning with hands-on, inquiry-based exploration. We provide engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences that speak to the natural curiosity in young people.

The CTSC is inundated with requests from schools and charity organisations to waive the entry fees for their group visits. The CTSC is committed to finding sponsors to cover the entry fees for these groups as part of our Sponsored School Group Programme.

School group visits are structured and planned with educators in advance to ensure the group gets the most out of the visit. In addition to curriculum-based workshops, school group visits include science shows, use of the interactive displays, a visit to current exhibitions and a tour of the Camera Obscura to spark the imagination, stimulate an interest in science and technology, and to provide an enriching experience. Feedback forms are completed by accompanying educators to monitor quality of the visits.

For more information on any of the above programmes, or to become a sponsor, please contact Julie Cleverdon at julie@ctsc.org.za or  021 300 3200.





















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