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City Mission seeks to develop resources and partnerships to work with communities in need for their transformation and empowerment and, through the proclamation and teaching of the Christian gospel, to build a better society for all people irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Our services are divided into 3 main categories: 


Our vision is to build capacity in communities through interventions that address poverty and lack of empowerment. This incorporates social and spiritual ministries that include practical help for families and communities.

These services have assisted communities to gain access to basic services which included assistance in accessing basic health care, Health Education, provision of clean water and generally creating a better living environment for impoverished communities.



City Mission's core focus is to bring about lasting change in the communities where we work.  Using various tools, like our Care Packs, as an entry into a home, we have doors opened to us which would ordinarily not be the case.

Through various interventions, we build capacity in families and various communities, initiating training and development and working together towards creating a platform that encourages self-initiated and self-sustaining community transformation initiatives.

One such initiative is our RESTORED programme.
In July 2011 we opened the flat at the City Mission office as a “half way” house for young men who have served a lengthy time in prison and who are determined to take hold of hope and find life again.  The flat houses 4 young men aged 21-30 at any one time.

One of their biggest challenges is to regain self- worth and self- esteem again and to find a job and their place in society and their families again.   They are being mentored and coached as they take the long and difficult journey towards a meaningful life and giving back their lives to communities that they harmed. We work closely with the Department of Correctional Services since some of our lads are on maximum parole conditions. 

We started a second hand store on site called “reSTOREd”, the profits of which help us to sustain programs with these young men.


In November 2008, City Mission launched its “Care Packs” campaign. This is an ongoing operation which focuses on giving aid in the areas of Nutrition, Health & Hygiene and Education. Donors sponsor Care Packs that will help a family or child in need. City Mission personalises each box by marking it clearly with the Donor's name printed on it and distributes it to one of our needy communities or a community of the sponsor’s choice.

Meeting a need is a temporary solution at best, but when individuals and families are transformed, a whole Community is impacted.


City Mission's Food Pack can be passed on to a Family of four for a sponsorship of only R200. It includes items like rice, sugar, tea, powdered milk, oats, maize, samp, oil, flour, soya mince, beans, tinned fish, jam, peanut butter and any other tinned foods.


With our Personal Care Pack for a sponsorship of only R180 you can provide for the health and hygiene for a family of four. These basic necessities like Dettol, bath soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, tooth brushes, hair brushes, combs, face cloths, antiperspirants, plasters and antifungal creams.


Focused on aiding young children with basic necessities for school, is the Education Pack which includes basic essentials like pencils, pens, crayons, Pritt, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, books, maths sets, note pads, calculators, stickers, labels, bookmarkers etc. You can make a significant difference to a child at school with your sponsorship of only R160.












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