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Community Women Action (CWA) is driven by unemployed women who have suffered various abuses in the past. Started in 1999, after the brutal gang rape and murder of a 14 year old girl, Women in the Community of Eerste river were inspired by the fact that she broke the silence and named her attackers before she died.

They decided it was time to take action against violence and crime and address the need for constructive programs to develop the skills of women and youth in the community. We started with a small winter school program in 1999 and have now become an accredited skills development training centre. Dedicated to the upliftment and skills development of Women and Youth in the Cape Town Metro.


  1. To train and Develop Women and Youth to be self sustainable.
  2. To train and uplift underprivileged and historically disadvantaged women and youth to be employable and have a marketable skill.
  3. To give accredited skills training for those otherwise unable to attend tertiary institutions with funding from government and the Private Sector.
  4. To become a registered Community College in the community.
  5. To provide support to vulnerable families in the community through:

-  Substance abuse support groups.

-  Cancer support groups.

-  Family Violence, Women and Child abuse support.

How we plan to achieve our goals:

  • With funding from government and private donors we will be able to train beneficiaries that cannot afford to pay.
  • Reaching out to organizations and companies to gather support for fundraising activities to become sustainable.
  • We aim to register as a academy or college in order to receive subsidies for training.
  • Expanding our reach by opening up branches locally, provincially and nationally, replicating our training models.
  • Continue being a BBBEE level 1 contributor.




























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