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About Us

The Community Chest has a long and distinguished history of philanthropy and community development dating back to 1928 when Business, members of the Rotary and the Church collaborated in response to a crisis of poverty.

Our core objective is to inspire a nation of Active Citizens

The Community Chest’s vision of a country where all individuals and families reach their human potential is based on the fundamentality of access to Health, Education and Income-Generation. These are our 3 key strategic focus areas in addressing poverty and facilitating social change to inspire citizenship that is active, engaged and impactful.

We espouse the following 8 values, which are crucial to achieve transformation. These are the fundamental development solutions that will create Collective Impact:

    A focus on strategic Initiatives in order to shift from a culture of poverty to a culture of prosperity.

    A clear Intention of our strategy and areas of engagement.

    Drive a focused strategy for our Intervention.

    Purposefully design strategies to address the power vs. Influence challenge that often strangles development.

    Employ new Intelligence to address the issues we want to solve or shift.

    Be Innovative in our approach and not merely repeat what others are doing.

    Measure the Impact of our interventions.

    Speak with Integrity to the donors and the community about what we are doing.




























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