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Annual Public Events

  • Community Chest Carnival        
  • Golf Day
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Community Chest Twilight Team Run
  • Annual Market
  • Competitions

Community Chest Carnival
It’s an event that happens annually at the Maynardville Park in Wynberg during February/ March. It is the major annual fundraising and public relations event on the Community Chest calendar.  Over the 4-day Carnival period, 7500 volunteer workers from across the social and professional spectrum are to be seen lending a hand at the many tasks involved in running a Carnival of this magnitude. The event attracts +- 100 000 people, from children to pensioners, with loads of food from various countries and lots of entertainment. All the money raised at this event goes back into the Community.


Golf Day
The Community Chest Golf Day is an event targeted at sporting individuals to assist us in raising funds; however we welcome all to participate in this event. All money raised will go into the pool for communities.

Annual General Meeting
This is a public meeting hosted in community based areas, where we elect our board members and approve the Financial Statement
Twilight Team Run
The Twilight Team Run is one of Cape Town’s great events; where over 20 000 people dress up in outrageous outfits and take to the city’s streets for a good cause. Teams of between four and six, comprising a cross-section of Cape  Town including families, groups of friends, school children, nurses, factory workers, enter. The money raised goes to the Community Chest, which supports over 500 social welfare and development agencies throughout the Western Cape. There is no limit to the number of teams that a company or individual can enter, something that has led to many companies adopting the Twilight Team Run as a form of team-building exercise or year-end celebration. Nobody is quite sure who came up with the idea of dressing in garish costumes, but it has caught on, making the event a visual spectacle as well as a demonstration of philanthropy.

Annual Market
This event raises funds and serves as a community outreach opportunity. It takes place at the Grassroots Educare Centre in Athlone, before Christmas and provides an opportunity for people from that Community to purchase clothing, books and toys at reduced prices




Competitions provide people with an incentive to contribute to the Community Chest. We host two limited- draw competitions annually aimed at a niche market.




































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