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Our aim is to mobilise support across the nation by harnessing resources and capabilities based on 7 international benchmarks:

    Community impact around knowledge, broad engagement, shared vision and measurable results;

    Volunteerism which is the promotion of volunteers in relationships that are mutually beneficial and entered into on principles of freedom, respect and courtesy;

    Resource Mobilisation for community resources, donor relationships, voluntary giving and ethical fundraising practices;

    Governance, Ethics and Volunteer Leadership that are volunteer-led, ethical, accountable, transparent, risk-managed and that promotes active citizenship;

    Financial Accountability and Transparency for board oversight, legal compliance, full disclosure, independent verification and effective internal controls;

    Reputation and Relationships that foster public prominence, market and customer intelligence and constant brand experience;

    Operations and Management focusing on leadership development, involvement of people, continuous improvement and rational approaches to decision-making.































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