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About Us

Laphumilanga Youth Development Association is a non profit organisation focusing on career development, youth entrepreneurship, research, public private partnerships initiatives, youth development and job creation. Formed in August 1998, the organization has won several awards on youth development and is a recognized youth contributor internationally.


Our vision is to be the leading youth empowerment organization in Africa through career development and youth entrepreneurship.




I. Through career development, we aim at bringing a new breed of leaders – who are visionary, hungry, committed and passionate about their communities. A committed career orientated youth has ability to end social and economic injustice in their surroundings. Career development at Laphumilanga is vested at senior secondary level as well as at tertiary level through Youth Rising Project

II. As studies have shown internationally, solutions in creating ongoing job opportunities rests in the small business sector. The objectives of Laphumilanga is to steer youth into entrepreneurship, becoming independent and job creators for a working South Africa. Laphumilanga Youth Development Association has a special innovative commitment in making Vision 2030 a reality through our Quality Circles Forum connecting youth, private and public stakeholders on National Development Plan makers

III. Research informs us what happened, what to do and how to bring about a positive change. Laphumilanga aims at becoming a trusted entity through research on youth developmental initiatives

IV. Objectives on engaging through public and private initiatives are to bring closer leaders in both sectors and creating a positive, innovative working relationships in understanding current and upcoming opportunities
V. Through youth development, we aim at encouraging the youth to take part in various developmental initiatives thereby empowering themselves, bringing back their dignity, confidence, mission, vision, accountability and responsibility.

  • The youth is disillusioned; they no longer participate in initiatives, have lost confidence and are very different compared to their role in the past years on political struggle.  The organization is set to invite role models to take part, encourage and act as mentors and motivators to the youth.  Our long term objective is to ensure that youth understands the positive benefits of organizational involvement. The above will be achieved through partnerships with other stakeholders in the private and public sector. 

VI. To open job opportunities for the youth and other members of the community.

  • Through our networks and strategies, we aim at creating ongoing job opportunities for youth not only being employed by Laphumilanga, but by also becoming self-sustainable



  • City of Cape Town,
  • Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology,
  • Khayelitsha Development Forum,
  • Khayelitsha Religious Forum,
  • Khayelitsha Youth Development Council,
  • Godla & Partners Attorneys Incorporated,
  • Mazars,
  • We Can Change Our World
  • Yes To Life,
  • Youth Service America


  • Aerotechnic (Pty) Ltd,
  • Calamari Fisheries,
  • Engen Garage – Khayelitsha
  • Khayelitsha Community Trust,
  • Reakgona Group (Pty) Ltd,
  • Safe & Eco Driving South Africa
  • Leaders in the Private & Public Sector














































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