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COMPANY NEWS , Enterprise
Image: PEDI AGRICULTURE ACADEMY TAKING SHAPE - Tunnel farm gets set for big things We are proud to announce that we have embarked on an exciting new project that will see the opening of the PEDI Urban Agriculture Academy.

The PEDI Academy is a departure from PEDI’s previous role in local development. Now investing directly into a project, PEDI has attracted a range of other partners whose involvement is turning the plan into one of the most exciting initiatives the area has seen.  Recent agreement by the City of Cape Town to co-contribute to the investment will greatly help to operationalise the academy.

Safety & Security, Social & Community
Image: Peace Officer Project Launched

A pilot project to deploy a team of specially trained law enforcement officers to the Philippi East area was launched at the Philippi Business Retention and Expansion summit hosted by PEDI on 17 April 2016.   Read More...

Image: Planners Focus On Philippi

Planners from a range of departments from the City of Cape Town gathered at Philippi Village to hear from researchers about the key services that Philippi needs to be able to grow.   Read More...

Social & Community
Image: Informal Traders Have Their Say

A meeting of informal traders in the Philippi East area has given traders an opportunity to express their views on the impact of changes coming to the area that are likely to affect their business operations in the near future.   Read More...












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