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Programmes & Support

Project Playground strengthens children’s and youth’s personal and social development through free after-school activities, sports and support programs five days a week. Everyone between the ages 4 and 21, regardless of background, is welcome to join us.

Project Playground offers the following:

  • Activities such as football, netball, music, dance, art and drama
  • Below 8 classes with enriching educational games for children 4-8 years old.
  • Daily operation for disabled children and young adults with individually adapted work therapy and training
  • Support programs e.g. initiative Great Corner Lugna Gatan, to prevent gangs, crime and violence
  • Psychological support e.g. therapists and play therapy
  • Outside influence e.g. parental contact, home visits, cooperation with local authorities such as the social services and the police
  • Daily nutritious meals
  • Enriching and stimulating trips during weekends and holidays

Project Playground’s methods of teaching focuses on the individual, where we acknowledge, strengthen and support each participant based on his or her potential and ability. As a locally established organization local employees run all our operations. In this way we also make sure the local culture is preserved. Our staff does not only lead activities, they also act as role models and mentors to our participants. But foremost, they are secure and loving adults, who are there for the child, regardless of the situation.

As of today, Project Playground operates in three townships outside of Cape Town, South Africa; Langa, Philippi and Gugulethu with a total of 750 children and youth participating in our activities.




The Board of Trustees of Project Playground is appointed to assist in upholding the orgainisation’s values and fundamental strives. To Project Playground transparency and accountability is central and does not only include financial reports and audits, but we further adhere to giving an account of our programs and activities, including the way in which we source and apply our funds; the measure of our impact, including both failures and successes, as well as our plans and proposals for the future.

Project Playground has appointed Watson Incorporated Audit Firm to conduct monthly audits on the organisation, to guarantee absolute control over the funds. This is declared annually in our audit reports.

We have no middle-hands and run our own operations and projects. Therefore you can easily follow our work through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we publish information and photos from our work on-site.

There is different ways to support our work:

As a Friend of Project Playground we want to give you the opportunity of getting extra updates. After registering with us via email, you will get our monthly digital newsletter, where we publish more information on our work, give updates on what is happening in the organization and share stories from our participants.

To support Project Playground as a company or business is to take social responsibility for a better world. Instead of seeing it as a cost, we think companies and businesses should see it as an investment. An investment in the world that we all share responsibility for, as well as in the company. To take social responsibility actually strengthens the corporate brand, increases trust and contributes to proud employees. Furthermore, we want it to be fun and rewarding to support Project Playground.

It is important to us that the companies and businesses we collaborate with are ethically responsible. Here you can read our general terms as well as our ethical guidelines;

We respect the rights of donors: to be informed about causes for which we are fundraising; to be informed about how their donation is being used; to have their names deleted from mailing lists; to be informed of the status and authority of fundraisers; and to anonymity except in cases where the size of their donation is such that it might be relevant to our independence. 

In raising funds, we will accurately describe our activities and needs. Our policies and practices will ensure that donations further our organisationʼs mission. Where donations are made for a specific purpose, the donorʼs request is honoured. If we invite the general public to donate to a specific cause, each organisation will have a plan for handling any shortfall or excess, and will make this known as part of its appeal.

Some donations may be given as goods or services.

To retain our effectiveness and independence, we will: record and publish details of all major institutional gifts and gifts-inkind, clearly describe the valuation and auditing methods used and ensure that these gifts contribute towards our mission.

We seek to ensure that donations sought indirectly, such as through third parties, are solicited and received in full conformity with our own practices. This will normally be the subject of written agreement between the parties.

Together we can change the world – piece-by-piece, child-by-child.
































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