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About Us

Symphonia is an Organisational Change practice that works with leaders to engage their stakeholders so that talent, human energy and creativity is maximized. Our mission is to ignite a sense of possibility everywhere we work. Our vision is to strengthen the fabric of South Africa’s society by initiating and leading projects that engage communities in nation building.


Symphonia for South Africa:

Symphonia for South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with a vision to strengthen the fabric of South African society. We lead and initiate projects that are intended to engage South Africans in processes of nation building so that we can truly be a country that is "Alive with Possibility!"

Through our work, we aim to mobilise people from all sectors of society and to get actively involved in realising the vision of a South Africa that works for all

In 2010 we established a ground-breaking initiative called School @ the Centre of Community (S@CC), an initiative aimed at creating thriving schools at the centre of the communities they serve.

The S@CC project facilitates partnerships between schools and businesses, resulting in positive impacts on those directly involved and the community at large. The project incorporates the “Partner for Possibility” (PfP) Programme.

It is both a simple and a radically innovative solution to South Africa’s education crisis: Business leaders are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead change and most have been involved in multiple change initiatives. School Principals have typically not been equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead change. When business leaders are in a co-learning and co-action partnership with Principals, they both get the opportunity to learn from each other and develop their leadership skills in the process. 

During the last two years, 84 business leaders have partnered with School Principals across South Africa. This programme is part of Symphonia large-scale change process to mobilise South Africans to practice active citizenship and to rally around Principals and teachers to support them as they educate our children. 








































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