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An individualised plan for each adult is developed outlining their achievements, goals and their expectations of the future.  Personal Centred Plans (PCP’s) involve the disabled adult as well as their entire support network.  The plan is continuously reviewed throughout the program.


Skills Development covers four different areas of skills, as outlined below:







Job Sampling is the short-term placement of an intellectually disabled adult in a company. The purpose of which is to offer the individual the opportunity to experience different types of jobs and the realities of work. Onsite training is provided to the individual, the employer and the co-workers. Prominent companies in the community provide sites for this component of the course – EY and Dis-Chem.

Relationship Coaching & Parent Workshops

Relationship coaching – Individual sessions with the intellectually disabled adults and their parents or caregivers to improve communication and enhance relationships.
Parent workshops – Support workshops empowering parents or caregivers with valuable skills and providing regular feedback on course content.


An outdoor experience where real situations are created, allowing the intellectually disabled adult the opportunity to demonstrate and practically apply their newfound skills and to experience independence.
Tasks undertaken by The Living Link students include menu planning, cooking, cleaning, general housekeeping, maintenance and students even take part in a specially constructed “amazing race”. The participants are scored as competing teams and as individuals, and recognition is given to winning teams and individuals at the Graduation Ceremony as part of the awards programme.



The Gap Project is a transition project for intellectually disabled adults who have graduated from the Adult Integration Program and Work Readiness Program, and are waiting to be successfully placed into permanent employment. The Gap provides graduates with an opportunity to work in the open labour market on short-term contracts and ensures that they are meaningfully occupied while The Living Link assists in sourcing permanent jobs for them. The project offers the following:

  • An environment where graduates can refine their work skills and repeatedly put those skills into practice
  • An opportunity for graduates to grow their work experience which makes them more marketable to an employer
  • Open labour market practices, policies and procedures are adhered to which further assists in preparing graduates for permanent placement
  • Graduates and Gap site staff are supported by a Job Coach from The Living Link
  • Students will earn a stipend for work completed on a monthly basis
  • Members will leave the project once The Living Link has sourced permanent employment for them


The organisational process that is followed in order to successfully place intellectually disabled adults in open labour market employment is aimed at placing individuals in ordinary working environments, doing regular work, where salaries and benefits are real and reflect work performance.  The Living Link has successfully placed many adults into permanent employment in a range of industries including hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, gardening services, TV production studios and offices and many other individuals.

The services we offer to the adults and employers include the following:

  • Job market screening
  • Informational interviews with employers
  • Job site observations
  • Job analysis
  • Job sampling
  • Recommendation on job restructuring
  • Data base of prospective employees
  • Job matching
  • Placement
  • Job coaching/ onsite training and support
  • Long term support
  • Employer and co-worker sensitization & training

Companies that currently assist with Job Sampling and Employment :

  • EY
  • Dis-Chem

Employment Examples:

  • Absa Capital
  • Indwe Risk Services
  • McDonalds
  • Hollard
  • UPD
  • JCE Wits
  • Netcare Hospitals
  • Murray & Roberts
  • St Stithians
  • Alexander Forbes
  • Tarsus Computers
  • Pumptron
  • JHB City Parks
  • SAB & T
  • Deebar
  • Rage Distribution
  • Fedics
  • Unity College
  • Chartis Insurance
  • EY

Long term investment and sustainability:

  • After the successful completion of the Adult Integration Program and Work Readiness Program, these adults are better equipped to obtain and maintain open labour market employment in line with the Employment Equity Act.
  • They have a greater chance and opportunity of contributing to our society and adding value to our community.
  • They are less of a drain on society both economically and socially.
  • We promote the objectives of the government which encourage inclusion and less unnecessary dependence on state funding.

Social Environment

Student Socials

Regular social events exposing students and graduates to real events, venues and experiences aim to realize full social participation and integration into the community. Students have attended events such as: Theatre productions, Ten Pin Bowling, Dinner dances, Soccer days, a day at the horse races and many more. Past students are welcome to join the social club as alumni members.


  • Strict financial procedures are followed at the Living Link.
  • We comply with all reporting and auditing requirements.
  • Management and the Board of Trustees monitor all activities and income and expenditure
  • Audited Financial statements are available on request.






























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