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TSiBA Education NPC and the TSiBA Education Trust present as legitimate, high impact Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment partners, with significant impact to deserving beneficiaries from poor communities. We welcome discussions around your B-BBEE partnership needs and expanding our impact in tertiary education.

B-BBEE Ownership : TSiBA Education Trust

The TSiBA Education Trust was created with the primary objective of building an endowment to secure the long-term financial sustainability of TSiBA Education NPC and its beneficiaries. To achieve this goal, the Trust is focused on establishing a select number of mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with both enterprises and individuals alike. The Trust is positioned as a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Partner of choice for companies seeking empowerment partners in accordance with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act, no 53 of 2003 and the revised 2013 Codes of Good Practice (hence referred to as the Codes).

The named beneficiary of the Trust is TSiBA Education NPC, an association incorporated under section 21 of the Company’s Act (Reg. no 2004/005126/08). The Deed of Trust stipulates that all economic benefit derived in the entity shall be utilised solely for the benefit of the black students of the school, pursuant to the Codes on B-BBEE. Accordingly, the Trust qualifies as a “black entity” in terms of the Codes.

Skills Development: TSiBA : Scholarship Programmes

In the revised Codes the definition of beneficiaries in the Skills Development element has been expanded from employees to include expenditure more broadly on “unemployed black” people. Since TSiBA is a registered and accredited education institution, and our student beneficiaries are both unemployed and black as defined by the revised codes, all tuition scholarships or bursaries for TSiBA students now qualify for Skills Development expenditure – and may be channeled via tuition scholarship funding to TSiBA.

Scholarship Programme partners invest directly in the education of deserving South African youth and have the opportunity to build a personal and professional relationship with their beneficiaries as mentors. Thus, in addition to the funding benefits, scholarship partners enjoy access to TSiBA’s BBA degree students on internships and TSiBA graduates following completion of their degree. In this way TSiBA’s Scholarship Programme directly supports the process of attracting talented equity candidates into partner enterprises.

Enterprise & Supplier Development : TSiBA Ignition Centres

Operating in parallel, and in support, of our educational offerings TSiBA provides a range of Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes to micro, small and medium sized businesses. These programmes are supported through TSiBA’s Ignition Centres which are recognised 3rd party providers of Enterprise and Supplier Development services across the Western and Southern Cape.

TSiBA has developed a unique Enterprise & Supplier Development Model to assist local businesses to earn their B-BBEE scorecard points while at the same time ensuring that the development spirit of the legislation is upheld with integrity. The programmes are accredited and targeted at both emerging and existing entrepreneurs with the purpose of preparing them to access the procurement pipelines of big business.

Socio-Economic Development (SED) : TSiBA SED Partners

To date TSiBA has awarded more than 4000 annual tuition scholarships to students who would otherwise have been unable to access higher education – a record we remain extremely proud of. With a postgraduate employment rate of over 95% we have also proved that TSiBA produces excellent graduates. In support of this work, it is imperative that we secure and maintain stable long-term funding relationships. Such relationships not only enhance TSiBA’s operational capability but also enable us to continue to grow an educational offering uniquely designed to address the challenges and opportunities of the South Africa context.

To this end, we extend an invitation to Socio-Economic Development (CSI) partners searching for a proven, well established and high impact development programme. TSiBA Socio-Economic Development partners play a direct role in transforming the lives of not only hundreds of first generation tertiary education entrants, but also the communities in which they live.

Broad-Based Management Control & Employment Equity : TSiBA Career Centre & Education Solutions

Following the success and impact of our academic programmes for over a decade, TSiBA now offers professional commercial services which leverage our intellectual property and experience to capacitate and enhance the human asset resources of our partner enterprises. Our professional offerings include:

  • TSiBA Education Solutions - offers creditbearing TSiBA programmes for organisational skills assessment,business training and leadership development.
  • TSiBA Career Centre - is a registered recruitment enterprise sourcing business graduates and professionals across all levels and employment equity profiles.





































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