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2018 is the year of 'Jumping Ahead' at TSiBA, and we are doing so in many ways!

Following significant research and program development, we are submitting an exciting new Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) degree that will prepare our students to be agile leaders in the future world of work, a world where rapid change will be a constant dynamic. This degree will be offered following the qualification accreditation by the Council for Higher Education (CHE).   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Fees Have Fallen - at TSiBA! Fees Must Fall has always been TSiBA’s ethos and a reality for our students who ONLY PAY WHAT THEY CAN AFFORD - the rest being funded by scholarships.

Being mindful of the predicted scramble for free university education in the coming weeks, TSiBA Education has made additional scholarships available to help the critical national shortage for funded spaces at our universities.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: TSiBA Ignition Centre - Access to Market Opportunity for Entrepreneurs We have negotiated a discount for TSiBA Ignition Centre Members.

 As a valued member of the TSiBA Entrepreneurial Community, you can now register as a Premier Member for only R750.00 per annum (normal retail price: R2500.00 per annum)   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education

TSiBA strives for transformation, diversity, access and inclusivity in education and also in daily life. For this reason we have included more than just the English language in our 2016 Annual Report to reflect and celebrate South Africa’s rainbow nation.

Download the Annual Report 2016  

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: TSiBA : The Opportunity of a Lifetime To Study Business Starts Now! There is a gaping need for free; quality and sustainable education which is not a new phenomenon in South Africa, eg : the #FeesMustFall crisis.

It is a harsh reality that many South Africans are still not able to access tertiary education due to socio-economic constraints. But there is hope and there are options as experienced by 120 Western Cape students awarded scholarships to study accredited leadership and entrepreneurship qualifications at a local award-winning business school.  These students come from diverse backgrounds around the country, but their dreams are the same - to study at tertiary level and change not only their own lives, but those around them.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image:  TSiBA student : “Failing is not the end of the world, get up and journey on” Sipho Sithole - For many privileged youth in South Africa their career challenge is simply figuring out what to be when they grow up.

For others the challenge is simply figuring out how to achieve the dreams they were certain about from a very young age. One of these determined youngsters is Sipho Collen Sithole, 23 years of age, from Langa in Cape Town. Sipho was born and bred in Soweto, Gauteng, but left his family and everything he knew to move to Cape Town in 2014 to pursue his lifelong dream of one day owning his own business.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Tax Break 2017 The last day of the South African Tax Season 2016/2017 is Tuesday 28thFebruary 2017.

As TSiBA Education is registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No. 930014613), donations made to TSiBA can be claimed as a qualifying deduction on your 2016 income tax return. Please email us at info@tsiba.ac.za to request a Section 18A certificate on your income tax return.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Tsiba’s successful year in 2016 Thank you for your support and Ignitying Opportunity with us during 2016 .... and beyond !

Looking back at 2016 many unexpected issues arose globally including Brexit, Trump’s presidential campaign and the Syria refugee crisis. South Africa wasn’t immune to drama with crises including a vote of no confidence in our president, education protests and #feesmustfall.   Read More...

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Image: Extreme Running to Ignite Opportunity TSiBA has charity entries available for both the 2017 Argus Cycle Tour and the 2017 Two Oceans Half Marathon

TSiBA has charity entries available for both the 2017 Argus Cycle Tour and the 2017 Two Oceans Half Marathon. The entry fee for both events is R 1450 per participant. Please contact     graham.moore@tsiba.ac.za   should you need more information or an entry to either of these events.
For those who are not as active or fit you are welcome to support TSiBA by supporting our participating runners and cyclists through the below links. 
https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/groups/team-tsiba-cycling-to-ignite-2017  

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: #FeesMustFall is old news… TSiBA Education NPC has been doing it for over a decade!

Pearl Pugin is the Dean at the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) responsible for the strategic planning, implementation and delivery of all aspects of TSiBA’s academic programmes. She holds an Honours degree in Labour Law Studies and a Masters in Management and is currently pursuing a PhD in Strategic Human Resource Management.   Read More...

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