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About Us

YISS is a non-profit organisation, situated in Hanover Park at Crystal Secondary School. This organisation was ,created in the backdrop of the following realities and challenges in the disadvantage communities i.e. 70% of the youth are either unemployed, involved with drugs and substance abuse, crime and Gangsterism, youth released from  Secure Care Centres, teenage pregnancies (some in order to claim SASSA child Grant), imprisoned or school drop outs (no matric), having no hope or any ambitions or career plans, resulting in them becoming disillusioned, losing their self-respect and self-worth.  

We understand the realities that our young people are facing in our crime-ridden communities and therefore provide them with constructive alternatives towards building crime-free and responsible lives. We have been actively involved with youth development in high gangsterism and crime ridden environments for the past 3 years, thus we are highly equipped through our experiences and lessons learned to impact your youth in a successful and sustainable way.                                         

The  model  is hands-on and the projects are interactive, with participants being exposed to overall business, technical training and skills development, entrepreneurial development, employment readiness preparation, career guidance, sports, life skills, home visits and opportunities designed to give insight to these candidates when making career and employment choices.             
The primary objective is to empower the youth using this model, in order to drive job creation, enterprise development, skills and personal development creation strategy with these disadvantaged youth groups. This is being pursued together with the support and assistance of the community workers.

To change the mind-set, put food on their table and that crime is not the only option on the Cape Flats in order to survive or to reach their goals.































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