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News and Events – Historical articles (press releases)

a) The 2015 study of No- and Low-water sanitation products in South Africa,

Conducted by the WRC (South African Water Research Commission); of which the Zerho Toilet is one of nine approved products. (See attached. The comments at the end of this page is always addressed and largely associated with effective user-training and –use.)

b) Zerho Waste Management (Pty) Ltd was registered in 2003.

The concept device was exhibited at several conferences/exhibitions during the same year. These are:

  • International Symposium on Sanitation, Germany;
  • National Science & Technology week, Pretoria - where the Zerho was awarded the Best Design prize;
  • African Aid, Disaster Management & Relief, Johannesburg;
  • SA & International Municipal Engineers, Cape Town.
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Image: IMPLEMENTATION OF ZERHO WATERLESS TOILETS The Zerho Toilet is a fast, cost-effective and permanent intervention, which can be implemented wherever safe & sealed waterless sanitation is needed.

“There is currently a large backlog of more than 2 million (homes needing sanitation), especially in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and rural areas. Thus the DWS prioritised using less water.”  (Household Sanitation Technology Assessment and Evaluation Protocol Presentation and Minutes - Sanitation Suppliers Workshop, 29th June 2015 – presented by DWS and Dept of Science and Technology).    Read More...

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Image: C-suite sets an Action Agenda in Davos CEO Leadership on the Global Sanitation Crisis-world leaders gathered to discuss economic, social and political agendas at the World Economic Forum

The acceleration of sanitation systems that are designed for inclusion, circularity and to leverage new technology trends such as big data and the internet of things requires new levels of business and societal leadership today to realise benefits in this decade.    Read More...




































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