Andy Du Plessis

FoodForward SA

About me:

I love South Africa. I want to see all its people prosper. I have worked in the social / development / NPO sector for nearly 30 years, starting with government, and then migrating to the NPO sector, so that I can effect change in a more tangible way. I have an Honours Degree in Public Administration, and a MPhil degree in Theology. I am a turnaround strategist that enjoys bringing improvements to systems, processes, and environments that promote people, improve communities, and contribute to scaled growth.

My Passion:

I am passionate about making a difference, and love to develop innovations and solutions that bring about equality, and address hardship, so that we give all our people an equal opportunity to thrive. My philosophy is that I can’t rest until we have achieved a hunger free South Africa, which is within our reach.

My Dream:

A South Africa without hunger, and equality for all our people - irrespective of colour, culture, or creed.

How I would change our world:

I would change the world by first improving on the best version of myself every day, and then try to make that positive change so attractive that it becomes contagious and infectious, with the hope that this positive change will spread like a virus, infecting everyone in my world, their world, and THE WORLD.