Cleo Jacobs

Beauty Behind Bars South Africa

About me:

Cleo Jacobs is the Founder and CEO of Beauty Behind Bars South Africa a non-profit organisation that gives hope and encouragement to women living behind bars since 2016. BBB strives to empower women through skills programs in prisons, old age homes, rehabs, mental hospitals, shelters, HIV &tb centres and orphanages. Cleo Jacobs is a wife, a mother of three boys and a bank sales consultant for over ten years and runs the charity programs in her free time during weekends. 


My Passion:

I am extremely passionate about uplifting and making a difference in other women’s lives who are broken, forgotten and neglected by society.  I love to make a lasting impact and a meaningful experience to our beneficiaries. My passion is offering rehabilitation skills to women in prison for social reintegration once returned to society.


My Dream:

My dream is to see women ex-offenders have a voice in society, established entrepreneurs and able to be self-sustainable once returned into society. My long-term goal is to have a Beauty Academy (halfway house) to empower ex-offenders with vocational skills and offer job placements.     

How I would change our world:

Changing the world requires Partnerships, Collaborations, Promotions and working together with other NGO’s and Corporates to raise a greater awareness to minimise the overcrowding in prisons and educate the community regarding the stigmatization and experiences of women ex-offenders.