Loretta Burgers Joseph

Women’s Hope, Education and Training Trust

New Chairperson of The Wheat Trust (Women’s Hope, Education and Training Trust)

My name is Loretta Burgers Joseph, I grew up in Elsies River on the Cape Flats. I am an Activist with
compassion, spirit, and perseverance to restore socio-economic and political injustices. I am self- driven, I am practical, I am a self-starter and motivated by positive energy. I create my own needs based realities.

My Passion:
My passion is discovering and exploring behavioural patterns, in children, youth, parents,
 women and men. Furthermore, it gives me great satisfaction if I am part of a team of progressive thinkers as well as go-getters.  Listening to the silent and thoughtful voices of others and give rise by breaking those silences strategically.
My Dream:
My dream is to see that each person is being valued, dignified, accepted in all circles of life. I further dream of a country full of resilient families, authentically made to be free from injustices such as: class, race, gender, social, political, economic, and religious influences so that families can be united in SA. 
How I would change our world:
By accepting myself as a positive and optimistic person, consciously.
I will go from door to door, revive, empower, educate, mothers, fathers, young people, senior citizens,
on their rights to participate in local community activities and to affect change positively in our world.