About me:

Miracles happen every day, we have to be willing to be part of the miracle.
That little voice inside, the one we know as intuition, is the best advisor you can ever find.
Learn from others, there are always people in your network that can teach you new things.
Know yourself, you are the best person to understand what value you can offer the world.
Having a plan that completes you is all that you need to build a legacy that matters.
Cherish the people in your life that have helped you to come to the place you call significance.
Significance is far more valuable than success. 
Having a purpose that constructs a better future for others will lead to your destiny.Work is work, but life is better when you share your IP with others. 

My Passion:

It is my belief that to achieve results, the best way to move forward is to work in a planned and systematic manner. By being collaborative and resourceful, it enables me to network across sectors and with people who can influence outcomes of my projects in a positive way. My network of specialists, professionals, entrepreneurs, and game changes include training and development specialists, personal development coaches and counsellors, local and global research specialists, financial literacy specialists, operational management experts, business growth and development coaches and marketing and brand specialists.

My Dream:

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase “Knowledge is power”. My dream is that every person on the planet has access to education, development, nurturing in a wholistic way which includes mental, emotional, and intellectual development. The whole person emerging would be socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally equipped to cope with the constantly changing world we live in.

How I would change our world:

My personal development group coaching talks always begin with “Start with a dream”.

By having a clear vision of what you see as your legacy, it enables you to set goals that make the dream and the vision tangible. When you commit to yourself, you commit to others, you commit to change and you commit to becoming a change maker. It all starts with your own practice of self-development and self-fulfilment, merging with your deep-rooted knowledge that you are honouring the gift of life bestowed upon you by God. There is a purpose to every life and every person deserves to know and understand their true purpose.

By not losing sight of the main attraction, you are never distracted by the side-line events. Focus on what you can achieve in your circle of influence. People are far too engaged in the circle of concern. If you feed on positive news and positive people, your circle of influence grows, and you diminish the concern. Like a single candle that lights up a dark room, you give yourself permission to shine forth the light for others. So many people are looking for the enlightenment, but it is best to first seek the light.

The world would be a better place if we just took the time to know and understand the desires and longing of the hearts of others. Too often people judge each other, on perception, status, race, colour, and creed. Benefits we can bring to society are rooted in beginning to understand the heart of others. We can only do this if we ask the right questions and knowing how to do this is a skill that everyone should learn. It is not our place to enforce our views about culture or dynamics on others. A far better approach is empathy.