Willem Gous

About me:

I am solving the unemployment crisis. I am an International speaker, trainer and consultant on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I am the founder of The Human Entrepreneur and create jobs in Africa by empowering people to become profitable business owners in a matter of weeks and sustain themselves financially through a unique training programme. I am also a single father to a wonderful 11-year-old boy. For fun, I am a firewalking instructor. 


My Passion:

Entrepreneurship! Growing up, I saw my father live his love of discovery through his business. However, his businesses destroyed him because he placed the business first. That is why I develop entrepreneurs by starting with themselves so that nobody ever has the same situation as my father.


My Dream:

How would struggling communities look like a year from now if we release between 10 and 20 new businesses in that community every week? I want to create 10,000 jobs in 2021 by creating 10,000 businesses.


How I would change our world:

I am working on changing the world to make it a better place for my son. I want everyone to know and understand that they hold the keys to their own prosperity and achieve all they want in life by building a business the right way.