About Us

At Sheltersuit South Africa, we are dedicated to creating products that lighten the load for people experiencing homelessness. At the same time, we equip our team with the skills they need to work for an organisation that cares about people’s wellbeing.
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Empowerment Program

Empowering Women in South Africa


Our empowerment program aims to reduce inequality and poverty in South Africa by providing skills and development opportunities for unemployed women. By participating in our program, these women gain independence and the chance to create job opportunities for themselves and others.


Doubling Production for a Better Future


Our ambitious goal is to double the production of shelterbags over an 18-month period, from 500 to 1000 shelterbags per month. Half of this production is expected to be based on international orders funded by relevant charitable organizations, while the other half (500 per month) will be destined for local distribution.

How to support us

Support Our Cause


You can help us achieve our mission in various ways:


1. Make a donation to support shelterbag production and distribution.
2. Sponsor shelterbags for homeless individuals and vulnerable children.
3. Get involved in our fundraising campaigns during special events.
4. Spread the word about SSA and our initiatives to create awareness.

Transparency in Financial Management


We want you to feel confident in supporting us. Rest assured that 85 percent of all donations received go directly into the cost of producing shelterbags, with the remaining funds allocated to our monthly fixed expenses (rental, safety and security, insurances, electricity, machine maintenance).


United National ESG Goals:

Contributing to a Better Planet

We are deeply committed to the United Nations' ESG goals. Our alignment with 12 out of the 17 goals includes alleviating poverty, reducing inequality, promoting gender equality, encouraging industry innovation, providing quality education, promoting responsible consumption and production, and working towards peace and justice for all. We believe in Goal number 17 – Partnerships for the goals, which can be incorporated into Corporate CSI Programs.

Shelter Bags For Children

Shelterbags for Vulnerable Children


We also produce shelter bags specifically designed for children living on the streets, especially those vulnerable due to chronic diseases like tuberculosis. These shelterbags are essential in keeping them warm and dry, working in conjunction with their medication to achieve 100 percent health.


National Child Protection Week Fundraising Campaign


To support our mission, we have launched a special fundraising campaign during National Child Protection Week (May 29 - June 02). Your contribution can make a significant difference in these children's lives.