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Celebrating the month of Love in style

Author: SA Children's Home/SA Kinderhuis

Love was in the air this February as our children celebrated Valentine’s Day in style!

February turned out to be quite a busy month at the SA Children’s Home. All our children settled into their school routine for 2024 with extra mural activities scheduled for everyone throughout the week. Activities such as soccer at the local clubs, rugby at Hamilton’s, drama at the Waterfront Theatre School, dancing and ballet, gymnastics, Scouts, and even table tennis for some. I’m proud to say that we found something for everyone in the home.


Being February, and the month of love, our kids also had their annual Valentine's Ball where they are given the opportunity to dress up and partake in a dancing competition. This is one of the kids' highlights of the year, and competition in the junior- and senior divisions is very competitive. Fun was had by all, and the junior prince and princess, and senior king and queen were crowned at the end of the evening.


Behind the scenes, our fundraiser and volunteers have managed to put an exciting list of items together for our annual online WhatsApp auction on the 28th of February. We had tremendous success with this fundraiser last year and decided to kick it up a notch by adding additional items to the mix and not doing wines only. We have some excellent wines, as well as other prizes and experiences that were donated to us. There are opera tickets, a 7-day breakaway, lunch with a celebrity, private parties hosted by celebrity chefs, gift packs, and even a mystery gift that we are putting up for auction. It is sure to be a fun evening for everyone. If you haven’t registered yet, please contact the SACH team to get your name on the list!


On that note, allow me the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed this year to the SA Children’s Home, whether it was a donation, volunteering, financial contribution, or just popping in to have a coffee. We can not do this work without the support of our extended family and community. Loads of great things are planned for the rest of this year. Watch this space…


Celebrating the month of Love in style

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Annie's Holdings cc (like and tag @annieswardroberentals / @anniesangelspartyshop to support them!), our kids were dressed to the nines in the most beautiful dresses, radiating joy and love throughout the evening.

But hold onto your hats, because the excitement didn't stop there! This year, our festivities were taken to new heights with a splash of celebrity magic, all thanks to the incredible Comedian Marc Lottering and his team, who graced us as our esteemed judges. Their infectious laughter and genuine warmth added an extra sprinkle of stardust to the night, creating memories that will be cherished forever.

And guess what? We had the absolute pleasure of hosting the amazing performer and Michael Jackson impersonator, Peggy Wolf! - Peggy dazzled us all with her incredible talent, spreading the joy of Michael Jackson’s music and dance to every corner of our hearts.

And the surprises kept coming! A huge thank you to Clinton Lottering from Side Step Studio, who topped off our evening with an incredible gift: one month of free dancing lessons for all our senior boys and girls. What a wonderful way to keep the magic of the evening alive!

Last but certainly not least, a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters who made this enchanting evening possible! Your generosity and kindness have made a world of difference, and we are forever grateful for your unwavering support. Let's continue spreading love and making dreams come true together!

Marc Lottering, Anwar, and Mrs Little - Judges

Clinton Lottering – Side Step Studios Complimentary 1-month free ballroom classes

Peggy Wolf – Judge and Performer

Annie's Holdings cc – Apparel

Jaco Viljoen – ICEZEIT Traditional Italian Gelato – Ice Creams

Shanaaz Stofberg – Party Packs

Arno Tietz-Geldenhuys – Haircuts and Makeup

Ria Hertzog – Gifts for our winners

Marilynn – Donation in Kind