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Mandela Day: How you can help SACH

Author: SA Children's Home/SA Kinderhuis

Many people have contacted us to ask how they can help SA Children’s Home on Mandela Day this year. Well, it’s very simple: Imagine caring for a family of 44…. that’s us!

Please help us to care for 44 vulnerable children, in the same way that you would care for your family. Here are some suggestions of how you can help:


To care for a family of 44 we use approx. R20 000 of electricity per month!


Did you know that you can use your e-bucks to donate electricity to SACH via the FNB App?


If you would like to support us in this way, simply follow THESE EASY STEPS



DID YOU KNOW: The South African Children's Home is turning 214 years old this year?In celebration of this milestone, we are doing a raffle to raise funds, but most importantly to raise awareness of SACH. Please spread the love by challenging 67 people to buy a raffle ticket for R214 online!


• You can share this link ON FACEBOOK

• Send the challenge VIA WHATSAPP


Prizes include 4x R1000 Restaurant Vouchers from the following restaurants Paranga, Bilboa, Bobo's & Blanko!


We have four children who require orthopaedic treatment and a wonderful local orthodontist has very generously sponsored 90% of the costs. Are there perhaps any individuals who would like to sponsor the remaining 10%? Please contact Louise at for more information.



Donations: Meals, Toiletries & School Transport for a family of 44…



3960 meals per month are required to nourish, fill and provide energy for our family of 44. We have a fabulous team in our kitchen that cooks 3 meals per day to allow our children to grow and develop in the best way possible! 


Our 44 children also require toiletries, to take care of their hygiene and to stay healthy and strong. 



As part of our Family reunification programme, some of our children can spend time with their families over weekends or holidays. In addition to the 3960 meals per month, we also provide food & toiletry parcels for those families.


Last, but certainly not least, our 44 children means 800 school runs per year - 2 mini busses to 18 different schools, 200 school days per year with 2 school runs per day! 


With the increase in fuel prices this year, you can just imagine the cost associated with school runs.


So, how can you help?


• You can donate food items, toiletries or fuel – every donation helps tremendously – HERE IS A LIST OF ITEMS that we are currently in need of.


• Make your 67min last… Please consider contributing towards the cost of our monthly food and fuel spend by setting up a Debit Order or DONATING ONLINE.




Homework… nobody's idea of fun and with 44 children from Grade R - 12, this becomes a balancing act at its finest. If you would like to volunteer to assist with 67 min of homework or tutoring per week, please email