Funding, Aug. 2, 2021, 5:32 p.m.

Rebuilding South Africa together


What began as protests quickly devolved into looting and anarchy, with businesses and buildings either partly destroyed or entirely decimated

The South African Property Owners Association estimates the damage from the week-long looting at R50 billion, with many people losing their lives and livelihoods. 

We did see, however, the spirit of Ubuntu swiftly spread throughout the country in the aftermath of the mayhem. We saw people from all walks of life supporting one another in leading cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

Following in their great footsteps, we have launched our #RevivingTownshipEconomies campaign to assist in the rebuilding of community-based organisations and businesses severely affected by the protests, rebuilding township economies one business at a time.

We are calling for donations from the public, donors, partners and friends of Afrika Tikkun in the spirit of rebuilding these organisations in the aftermath of the protests. These can be monetary donations or donations in kind.

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Our New Look

Afrika Tikkun’s new website is sleek, modern, and simple to use. It tells our story intimately while being clear about the wide reach and effect of our work, with vibrant new colors, virtual tours, and stories of change.

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Enjoy your enhanced virtual experience and feel free to get lost in the world of Afrika Tikkun.

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#Untold Stories

Thabile and her mother, Junior, are one of many families that are affected by the aggressive COVID-19 third wave, and severe lockdown restrictions. This has left them even more vulnerable to food insecurity and social and economic issues. 

Let us continue to support them and other families during this tough period. Visit to make an investment.

To watch the #Untoldstories video click here.

Without the aid of our donors, partners and volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish our work and achieve the necessary impact. Thank you for being our Number One supporters.

Stay safe. See you next time.

The Afrika Tikkun Team

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